Tag Based Media

Access and share sales content with a tag.

The Problem

You're using tools like Dropbox to organize your sales and practice development content, and it's chaotic.

The Solution

Implementing a tag-based content system to efficiently organize and securely share your sales content within seconds.

Tag Manager

Tag it and Forget it

For over a decade, brands have woven intricate webs of interlinked content using platforms like Dropbox for managing their key sales assets. Nuvue streamlines the content management process by introducing tags, making the discovery and sharing of key sales assets a breeze.

Tag-bases Sites

Share Content in Seconds

Sharing your key sales assets is now effortless. Just drag and drop a tag or tags into Nuvue's Site Builder, and voila! You've instantly shared all your crucial sales assets in seconds, eliminating the need for multiple links.

More Platform Features

Brand Contol

Farewell to off-brand sales presentations.


Deliver content effortlessly to team members.

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