Content Permissions

Deliver content effortlessly to team members.

The Problem

You have now way to control how your content is being shared within your organization.

The Solution

You need a system that allows you to share the right content with the right teams.

Teams Permissions

Give the Right Access to the Right Team

Whether you're an admin, designer, or sales rep, discover personalized permission levels that perfectly align with your role in managing and sharing sales content within your organization.

Content Sharing

Share Content in Seconds

With Nuvue, you have the flexibility to share a single piece of content with an individual user or distribute a plethora of content to entire teams with a simple click.

More Platform Features

Brand Contol

Farewell to off-brand sales presentations.

360 Tracking

Gain insights into your content's performance.

Want to Learn More?

Discover how other B2B brands like yours are leveraging Nuvue to effortlessly create, organize, and deliver their sales and practice development content within seconds.