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The Creative Studio

Frequently asked questions about our creative services

What are the services provided by Nuvue?

Nuvue is a versatile creative production studio specializing in services tailored for medical device brands, encompassing presentation design, explainer videos, product renderings, interactive experiences, social content, and sales collateral.

Is there a pricing sheet available?

You can access pricing estimates for our most common services on our pricing page. Additionally, we offer content packages designed to support your content requirements for upcoming product launches.

What does your creative process look like?

Our creative process is streamlined into three phases: Analyze, where we immerse ourselves in your product to understand its unique features and craft a captivating narrative; Plan, where we develop a tailored blueprint incorporating design sketches, storyboards, and prototypes; and Build, where our production team brings this blueprint to life, creating compelling content and dynamic visuals that transform how you present your organization's offerings.

Can you explain what a CAD file is, and how can I determine if I have one?

A CAD (Computer-Aided Design) file is a digital format containing 2D or 3D computer-generated design data, essential for designers, engineers, and architects to create, modify, and analyze designs for various applications like product development, architecture, and manufacturing. For medical device brands selling pre-manufactured products, possessing a CAD file is imperative, as it was a requisite for the device's production.

Who owns the project files once the job is complete?

After project delivery, we are happy to provide the source files used to create your sales content.

How long does it take to create a technical 3D animation?

Usually, the process spans between 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish, varying based on the complexity of the animation.

In which file formats do you typically design Presentations?

We design in the format that best suits your brand's presentation needs, whether it's Powerpoint, Google Slides, or, at times, HTML presentations embedded on customer websites. Ideally, we prefer platforms that offer collaboration capabilities, making it more efficient to work closely with our clients.

Is all of your creative work done in-house?

We're a compact and agile creative studio that taps into a vast network of talent to tackle creative projects. Yet, all creative direction and project management are overseen by our senior team internally.

The Sales Platform

Frequently asked questions about our Sales Platform

Is it mandatory to utilize both your creative services and platform when working with Nuvue?

Absolutely not. You can use them independently or in combination. Many of our clients exclusively utilize our creative team.

What is the expected timeframe for our onboarding process with Nuvue?

The setup time varies based on your creative service requirements. If none are needed, and we have all your presentations and sales content, your account can be configured in a few days. However, if creative services like presentation rebranding, 3D animations, or product rendering are required, it might take a few weeks.

After my account is established, can we utilize Nuvue for continuous updates?

Only if you opt for it. After your account configuration, we'll train one of your team's administrators to manage changes and add new content. If you're a smaller startup without in-house resources, we can provide our services at an hourly rate.

Is training available for our sales representatives?

Absolutely, after account setup, we arrange training sessions for your sales reps based on your organization's size. We also provide additional training sessions at no extra cost to support your team as it scales.

Does Nuvue work offline?

Nuvue is a web-based application with offline mode. When enabled, it allows you to access presentations offline but does not support saving presentations.

Can we export our presentations from Nuvue?

Our platform enables presentation export to PDF files. Currently, PPT exports are not available, but this functionality may be offered in a future update.

Will my content be mobile-friendly?

Yes, our design templates are responsive for all screen sizes. The platform's interface is also responsive, allowing you to access your sales content on the go.

Where is our data stored?

Nuvue is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Can we use our brands and fonts with your platform?

Yes, in your configuration settings, you can define global styles, including brand colors, fonts, and logos. Nuvue grants access to all Google fonts.

What happens to our content if we cancel our service?

If you choose to leave our platform, we can export all your sales materials, including videos, one-sheets, and image files. Presentations can be exported as PDF files.

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