Drag & Drop Editor

Create stunning, branded presentations with ease.

The Problem

Creating presentations can be a time consuming process. And you hired your sales reps to sell, not create.

The Solution

With Nuvue's Drag & Drop Editor we take the time suck out of presentations, so your reps can focus on what your hired them to do.

Asset Library

All Your Assets in One Location

Say goodbye to scattered Dropbox links and an abundance of disjointed sales presentations.Nuvue's page library to systematically organize all your vital assets, ensuring seamless access for your team members

Site Editor

Tailor Your Presentations, Always On Brand

The editor empowers team members to craft presentations according to their preferences while adhering to company-approved content. Rest easy, knowing that your sales story is securely protected.

More Platform Features

Brand Contol

Farewell to off-brand sales presentations.


Deliver content effortlessly to team members.

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