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How a Medical Device-Focused Sales Enablement System Shapes Sales Training

December 1, 2023

As a leader in the medical device industry, you understand the critical role of providing your sales team with the right tools, including effective medical device sales training, for success. Your team is responsible for promoting and selling sophisticated products, so they must have the necessary skills and knowledge to do so properly. This is where a medical device-specific sales enablement system comes in.

By offering comprehensive training materials and guidance, this system becomes a crucial resource for new hire onboarding and their success in selling your product. The integration of medical device sales enablement tools streamlines and enhances your team's training process, helping them quickly grasp your product, and providing them with the knowledge they need instantaneously. Ultimately allowing them to focus on their main task: selling. With a unified training strategy and impactful product narratives, your team gains the ability to learn quicker, and close deals more effectively, ultimately boosting sales.

In this article, we'll explore the compelling reasons why every sales representative needs proper medical device sales enablement tools and training to thrive.

Key Factors Contributing to Medical Device Sales Reps' Setbacks

Positioning your sales reps for success begins with grasping the challenges they'll encounter in the industry. By understanding these challenges, you can tailor the training for your new hires, setting them up for success.

Regulatory Compliance:
Working in the regulated world of medical devices requires a proactive approach. Sales reps need to stay updated on regulatory changes to provide accurate and compliant information to clients.

Competing in the Market:
Standing out in a competitive market goes beyond a simple sales pitch. Sales reps must create engaging presentations that explain how their products offer unique solutions to specific medical challenges. This requires a deep understanding of the industry, competitor products, and current trends, enabling reps to effectively address client concerns.

Handling Technical Details:
The complexity of medical devices demands a high level of technical know-how from sales reps. A solid grasp of product specifications is crucial for addressing client concerns. Staying updated on the latest industry developments requires ongoing education and collaboration with product development teams to ensure that reps have accurate information about the products they represent.

Managing Lengthy Sales Cycles:
Dealing with extended sales cycles in the medical device industry is a significant challenge. Sales reps must excel in keeping conversations engaging over an extended period, understanding that the most effective sales stories speak to specific stages of the sales pipeline. This involves not just conveying information but also tailoring presentations to meet the changing needs of prospective clients.

At the heart of these challenges is the combination of two essential elements: thorough medical device sales training  and useful medical device sales enablement tools that support sales. When these are integrated well, they help sales reps handle regulations, showcase products effectively, grasp technical details, and manage long sales processes. This mix of ongoing learning and practical tools sets sales teams up for success in the complex field of medical device sales.

Features to Seek in a Medical Device Sales Enablement Platform

When comparing sales enablement tools for b2b success, simplicity should be at the top of your list. Many legacy sales enablement platforms offer a plethora of options and features that can overwhelm sales reps, especially those who are new to the industry. Look for a platform that is simplistic and easy to use, requiring minimal training. This is crucial for new hire onboarding, as well as for internal reps who need to train others.

Additionally, consider a sales enablement system that accommodates your full sales cycle. The medical device industry often involves longer sales cycles that require support both before and after the sale. For example, if you are selling an aesthetics laser to a medical spa, you will need to provide pre-sale presentations and support, as well as post-sale training materials and business-building assets to help the business grow with your product.

Brand control capabilities are another important feature to consider. You want a sales enablement system that allows easy access for your sales reps but does not allow them to modify your content. This ensures brand consistency and compliance with regulations. Offering training content through platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive puts your brand at risk of becoming diluted and your messaging off-brand and off-regulation.

Finally, a comprehensive tracking and analytics system is crucial for monitoring the performance of your content and ensuring accountability among your sales reps. Look for a system that provides monthly reports so you can analyze the data and make necessary adjustments. This will allow you to understand how your new hires and current sales reps are using the system and make informed decisions to improve their performance.

By considering these key features when seeking a medical device sales enablement platform, you can find a solution that simplifies training, supports the full sales cycle, maintains brand control, and provides valuable insights and analytics. This will empower your sales team to excel in the competitive medical device industry and achieve greater success.

Setting Your New Hires Up to Sell Better, Faster with a Medical Device Sales Enablement System

From our experience working with medical device-specific brands, we understand the importance of setting your new hires up for success in this industry. By properly organizing your sales enablement system, you can ensure that your new hires have the tools they need to sell better, faster.

The first key to success is to provide your team with an easy-to-use and navigateable system. Overly complex systems will require more internal resources and training, taking away valuable time and energy that could be spent on selling. By choosing a user-friendly platform, your new hires can quickly familiarize themselves with the system and focus on learning the necessary sales techniques and product knowledge.

In addition to a simple system, mastering how to create organized sales presentations is crucial. Your new hires should be able to log in and effortlessly find the presentations and sales content relevant to each touchpoint within the sales cycle. This involves structuring your content logically and intuitively, making it easy to access and navigate

Furthermore, the content you provide to your team plays a significant role in their success. In the medical device industry, visual content tends to be more impactful than lengthy written documents.  Videos, interactive content, and augmented reality experiences can effectively showcase the value and benefits of your product to potential clients, leaving a lasting impression.

By focusing on simplicity, organization, and high-quality content, you can set your new hires up to sell better, and faster. With a streamlined sales enablement system, they can quickly learn the necessary skills and product knowledge to excel in the competitive medical device industry. Embracing the power of innovative technology and effective training techniques, you can drive success for your team and ultimately boost sales.

Case in Focus: How Precision Configuration Led to 3000+ Presentations/Year in a Medical Device Sales Enablement System

One of our clients, a leading medical device company, has experienced remarkable success with its sales enablement system, generating over 3,000 presentations per year. The key to their presentation success lies in the precision configuration of their sales enablement system, which has proven to be a simple yet highly effective tool for their medical device sales reps.

With a fluctuating sales team of around 150 representatives across the United States, this company understands the importance of setting up its sales enablement system in a way that requires minimal effort for onboarding new reps and ensures consistent messaging. Their system is designed to provide easy access to a wide range of presentations and sales content, catering to the competitive landscape of the aesthetic industry and accommodating the lengthy sales cycle often associated with medical devices.

The first step in achieving this success was understanding the sales cycle by conducting conversations with sales reps across the organization. This allowed them to identify the key presentations needed for presale support, making them easily accessible to the team with just a click of a button. By streamlining the process, new sales reps can quickly learn and deliver impactful presentations, boosting their confidence and setting them up for success in the field.

In the highly competitive aesthetic industry, it is crucial to differentiate their products from others with similar features. This is where their sales content plays a vital role. Their presentations are embedded with highly visualized renderings and animations that effectively showcase how their products stand out. This visual impact leaves a lasting impression on potential clients, helping their sales reps stand out from the competition.

For new sales reps, having access to such compelling and visually impressive content eliminates the learning curve and instills confidence in their abilities. They can confidently enter sales situations, knowing that their presentation content speaks for itself and enhances their professional image. This not only boosts their bottom line but also contributes to overall employee satisfaction and promotes scalable growth.

By utilizing a precisely configured sales enablement system, this medical device company has revolutionized its sales training process and achieved impressive results. Their approach simplifies onboarding, empowers sales reps with impactful content, and ultimately leads to greater success in the highly competitive field of medical device sales.

Partnering with Experts in Medical Device Sales and Technology

Before you go and plunk down thousands of dollars on a high-priced sales enablement system just because it showed up first on Google and your competitors are using it, take a step back and do your research. Look for a partner that is dedicated to the medical device industry, not just a one-size-fits-all solution for all sales industries.

At Nuvue, we understand the unique challenges that medical device sales reps face when presenting their products and services. We know the value that high-quality content can bring to a sales training process and overall sales growth. That's why we have built our entire company around medical device sales.

Our team blends creativity and technology to develop medical device-focused sales enablement systems that help train your new hires quickly and give your sales reps the firepower they need to excel in the field. From impactful medical presentations to comprehensive training materials, we have the expertise and experience to take your sales team to the next level.

Schedule a hello call with us today and see how we are helping medical device brands like yours succeed in today's crazy competitive market. Together, we can drive your sales team's success and achieve greater growth in the medical device industry.