Turn Presentations into Profit Machines

See how to earn more from your presentation services with Nuvue's Presentation Management System.

Nuvue is not another presentation design tool, it's presentation system that helps your clients control their sales story and deliver across their organization with 100% consistency and control.

By offering Nuvue to your clients, you're not just designing pretty slides for your client's, you're now managing their presentation ecosystem, and generating more revenue for your company wile doing so.

Take the Pain Out of Presentations for Your Clients

Ever crafted a stellar presentation for a client, only to see it butchered a few weeks later? It hurts as designers, but think about your clients: leadership is frustrated by wasted money, marketing can't control the sales story, and sales can't find the latest presentation. There is a better way.

Become a Presentation Hero for Your Clients

Save your clients hours on presentation creation. With Nuvue, you create and manage their presentations on our modular system—they simply drag, drop, and present, while you earn monthly for managing it effortlessly!

Everything You Need to Create, Manage, and Track Presentations for Your Clients

Nuvue is much more than a presentation management system. We provide you with tools to create beautiful, mobile-responsive presentations, add permissions and brand controls, and track engagement across the entire system.

Page Builder

A modern, device-optimized page builder.

Drag Drop Editor

Create stunning, branded presentations with ease.

Tag Based Media

Access and share sales content with a tag.

360 Tracking

Gain insights into your content's performance.


Deliver content effortlessly to team members.

Brand Contol

Farewell to off-brand sales presentations.

Turbocharge Your Presentation Profits with Nuvue!

Multiple ways to earn extra for your agency:

  • Establishing their customized presentation system (suggested $5000-$10000 one-time).
  • Collecting a monthly management fee for their presentation system (suggested $250-$1500 monthly).
  • Regularly enhancing presentation content ($1500-$10000 monthly).
  • 01. Get Nuvue Certified:
    Become a Nuvue expert in just one hour with our comprehensive training.
    02. Share with Your Clients:
    Demonstrate how Nuvue can save your clients thousands of hours annually by streamlining their presentation management.
    03. Become Indispensable:
    Position yourself as the guardian of their presentation system—your go-to for updates and fresh content.

    Boosted Agency Revenue by $100K Thanks to One Nuvue Client

    Our Founder, Tim Dingersen's Story

    For over two decades, I've been a small business owner in the creative industry. Like many in this field, I've navigated the uncertainty of where my next paycheck would come from to support my family. Consistency isn't often a hallmark of a design agency, and I've experienced the ebb and flow of client retainers firsthand.

    In 2021, a pivotal moment occurred accidentally. During our team's exploration, we developed a Presentation Management System to alleviate the frustrations clients faced with tools like PowerPoint and Dropbox.

    Initially, I didn't fully grasp its potential. Yet, what emerged was a centralized presentation tool, with me as its gatekeeper. The real breakthrough came when clients began relying heavily on Nuvue, requesting additional creative services integrated into the system.

    After a year of implementing Nuvue with one client, my creative revenue surged by over $100K, supplemented by monthly income from the platform. It was then I realized the significance of what I had stumbled upon.

    Today, I manage multiple clients on Nuvue's system. Beyond being a gatekeeper, I've evolved into a trusted presentation advisor, helping clients present smarter with better content—and earning from it.

    I'm compelled to share this journey and our platform with fellow presentation designers. It's not just about financial gain, but a belief in a better way for B2B brands to showcase their sales content, powered by Nuvue.

    Our partners have spoken

    See firsthand how Nuvue has transformed their businesses.

    With custom presentations at their fingertips my team can sell more, faster.

    Terence Kazlow

    Former VP Sales

    Nuvue helped us clearly present our technology’s functionality and patient benefits faster.
    A headshot of young man

    Travis Mahan


    We have more than a sales presentation, we have a system that spans our sales cycle.
    Jill Later headshot

    Jill Later

    Cartessa Aesthetics

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