How to Create Organized Sales Presentations in 2023

November 21, 2022

For sales teams with 50 or more reps, the phrase “organized sales presentation” might seem like an oxymoron. But companies that take the time to get it right can effectively deliver a unified sales story with ease. The question is, how is this possible when every rep is unique, every deal is different, products constantly evolve, and sales content seems all but impossible to regulate?

The truth is, most problems that stand in the way of organized sales presentations are the result of three things: outdated technology, poorly-defined processes, and a ’this is how we’ve always done it’ mindset.

Modern sales teams of any size can deliver a sales story that is always on target, on brand, and up to date by sticking to a few simple guidelines and leveraging the right tools. In this article, we’ll show you how to overcome common stumbling blocks and use modern sales tools and efficient processes to create organized sales presentations that help sales teams crush monthly goals.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s lay the foundation.

Organized Sales Presentations Must be Designed with Branding in Mind

In some cases, sales reps struggling to build an organized sales presentation are dealing with challenges tied to more systemic problems. If your company is playing fast and loose with brand messaging, it’ll be difficult to get all your sales reps singing from the same songbook.

In an ideal world, your company will have a detailed ‘brand bible’ or messaging guide that details your brand personality, voice, tone, and style (color pallet, fonts, logos). This guide gives sales and marketing leaders guidelines to follow when creating new content – ensuring that all their assets are consistent. However, younger companies or companies that have experienced hypergrowth are often still having a bit of an identity crisis, making it significantly more challenging to develop cohesive messaging.

If your organization is suffering from a lack of brand clarity, step one in organizing your message is to work with leadership teams – and perhaps enlist the help of brand experts –  to dial in these critical details.

Create Sales Content With Organized Presentations in Mind

Many, if not most, sales teams are armed with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ sales presentation. This presentation is usually a PowerPoint deck or Prezi with way too many slides, way too much text, and way too few visuals.

Trying to build a singular piece of content that’ll be persuasive to every diverse prospect you encounter is not only impractical, it’s pretty much impossible. You’ll just end up with frustrated reps, and an affliction we like to refer to as ‘decks gone wild.’ That’s when, due to a lack of flexibility and safeguards, reps go rogue and build their own version of the pitch deck - and leadership loses control over messaging. When that happens, things get real inconsistent (inaccurate, unattractive, and other unfortunate adjectives) real fast.

Modern sales teams are taking a new approach: building modular content that can be quickly compiled into a custom deck designed to resonate with a specific account or prospect. Creating these modules (aka building blocks) allows sales reps to cherry-pick brand-approved sales content that speaks to a prospect’s hot-button issues, dramatically improving the relevance and performance of every single sales presentation.

Organize Your Sales Content in One Place

How many times have you ended up lost in keyword search purgatory, trying to remember what combination of random words will conjure up that dang file you need? Then, you give up and finally ask marketing, and they send you on a wild goose chase to find a folder nested 10 levels deep that contains a specifically-named and dated mystery file, and… you don’t see it.

If you’re like most of us, the answer is, “too many to count.” We feel you. That’s why we’re huge proponents of moving away from the file storage systems of yesteryear (ahem… Dropbox?) and into a highly-organized sales content library platform.

With a dedicated sales presentation management system, your assets (modules) can be deeply segmented (ex; product photos, pricing information, executive bios, case study data). With approved building blocks in place, reps have the flexibility to customize without changing the messaging.

Modules can be organized using tags that segment content into specific value propositions, topics, or persona types – making it easy for reps to easily compile presentations on the fly for any situation. Content can (and should!) also be tailored to every stage of a prospect’s buyer journey. 

You can also use tagged assets from your sales content library to build content for leads at various marketing funnel stages (top, middle, bottom) and with various lead statuses (cold, warm, hot). Being able to build content that resonates with leads at every stage provides sales reps with a quick and easy way to consistently keep prospects engaged and moving towards close while respecting each buyer’s timeline. 

Opt for Sales Presentations Designed for Effective Sharing 

Building efficient processes for a large sales team is a huge undertaking. Ask any sales enablement or marketing leader how things go when they ask fifty-plus sales reps to do something, and most will reply with some variation of – “it’s like herding cats.” But, when your team has a well-organized, digital content hub, leaders can spend a lot less time chasing and a lot more time optimizing.

Outdated technology also makes it hard to find or update “the most recent” version of any sales or marketing asset. In many cases, you’ll find dozens of versions of the same thing floating around, changing ownership, and getting lost in random folders on digital drives. However, when you organize modules in a sales content library, assets all live in one place. And when you need to update them? Simply replace the existing file with a new file, and (chef’s kiss) you’re done. Everyone automatically has access to the latest and greatest without having to send out a million emails and track down and delete old copies of various presentations.

Sharing outside the organization is also much easier with a web-based, mobile-responsive sales presentation platform. With modern tools in place, a simple web link replaces bulky PowerPoint email attachments or Dropbox links that expire at the worst time. There are also no more compatibility issues with different machines, and prospects can view the presentation on any device - be it an iPhone, Android phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Using a streamlined digital sales presentation software tool also ensures prospects can forward content to other stakeholders without issue.

Track Your Sales Presentations and Make Strategic Decisions

Whether a rep is doing an in-person preso or is emailing their perfectly organized sales presentation to prospects, it’s critical to be able to see what happens next. If an email is sent, does your lead open the presentation? How long do they view it? Do they share it with anyone else?

And for marketing leaders – which presentations are contributing to the most deals? Which modules do the best job of triggering a down-funnel action? Which reps are most active? All of these questions are essential to improving your sales process by improving conversion rates at every funnel stage, which ultimately reduces the length of your sales cycle. The right tools will give you all the insights you need to make smart, data-driven decisions that will help you implement better content and processes – faster.

The Easy Way to Create Organized Sales Presentations

In the fast-paced world of modern B2B sales, organized sales presentations are essential. They help to maintain a consistent sales story across sales teams of any size. They encourage a streamlined approach to sales content management that saves reps countless hours. And, they shorten sales cycles by providing clear, concise information that requires less follow up.

Wondering how to get started organizing your sales presentations? Take the first step by scheduling your 30-minute Hello Call with Nuvue today. You’ll learn how to create the sales story your brand deserves, how to deliver it consistently, and how to empower your team to sell smarter and faster than ever before.