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Streamlining Your Medical Device Presentation Process: Let Your Team Focus on Selling

November 12, 2023

Efficiency and streamlining are critical elements for success in the medical device sales industry. As a sales leader, you must optimize your team's sales process to ensure productivity and maintain your own sanity. However, too often your sales reps find themselves wasting precious time and resources on creating lackluster presentations or searching for the latest sales videos.

This not only hinders their productivity but also leads to inconsistent messaging across your team. As a result, potential customers may be receiving a diluted and unimpressive representation of your products.

But it doesn't have to be this way. By utilizing a managed presentation platform and implementing sales enablement best practices, you can empower your team to focus on what they were hired to do - sell.

In this article, we'll provide you with actionable steps to implement a supercharged sales enablement strategy that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness for your sales team.

The Misplaced Focus: Why Traditional Sales Platforms are wrong for Medical Brands

Traditional sales platforms like PowerPoint and Dropbox are often ill-suited for the unique needs of medical device brands. These platforms lack the necessary guardrails to control brand assets, leading to lost or outdated sales content within an organization's Dropbox account. Sales reps frequently find themselves searching for the latest sales presentation, while marketers struggle to understand why the wrong materials are being used. This not only wastes valuable time but also leads to inconsistent messaging and a diluted brand representation.

The core problem is that these tools were not specifically designed for the medical device industry. Medical device sales teams require specialized features and functionality that are not typically found in traditional sales platforms. By relying on these outdated tools, your sales team is hindered in their ability to effectively communicate the value of your products and engage with prospects.

To overcome these challenges, it's important to implement sales enablement best practices and invest in a dedicated medical device sales presentation platform and dropbox alternative. These tools are designed to meet the unique needs of the medical device industry, providing centralized storage and easy access to up-to-date sales materials. By using a platform specifically tailored to the medical device industry, you can ensure that your sales team has the right tools to deliver a consistent and impressive brand message to potential customers.

Make Creating Medical Device Presentations a Breeze

To make creating medical device presentations a breeze, you need a sales enablement platform that allows your team to access all of your key sales content from a controlled single source location. This platform should be well thought out and structured to align with your product life cycle. With such a system in place, your sales reps can easily find, send, and track sales presentations and other sales content to prospective clients.

But it's not just about accessibility. You also need a platform that provides rich tracking data, so you can see how your sales content is performing with prospective clients and how your team is utilizing and succeeding with it. This data can help you identify areas for improvement, optimize your presentations, and ultimately drive better results.

By investing in a sales enablement platform that streamlines the creation and management of medical device presentations, you can save your sales team valuable time and resources. They can focus on what they do best – selling – while having confidence that they have the most up-to-date and impactful sales content at their fingertips. With this efficiency and effectiveness, your team can drive greater success and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Happy Medical Device Sales Reps Equals More Sales

Sometimes overlooked is the value of your employees' happiness and its effect on driving sales for your company. How many times have we heard someone say, "I have to make this stupid PowerPoint presentation, I hate doing this!"? Would you rather them say, "My company provides me with these great tools to do my job"?

By providing your team with key sales enablement tools and beautiful sales content, you're making their job easier and making them look good. Additionally, providing the right sales tools can greatly reduce the sales training time required for new employees. It's an investment that will pay itself forward again and again.

When your sales reps are happy and confident in the tools they have, they can focus on what they do best - selling. They can deliver a consistent and impressive brand message to potential customers, resulting in increased sales.

Happy sales reps are more motivated, productive, and driven to achieve better results. By investing in their happiness and giving them the resources they need to succeed, you can expect to see a positive impact on your sales numbers and overall business growth.

How Much Are Your Medical Device Presentations Costing You?

Let's do a simple math equation: You have 50 sales reps, and each one spends an average of 10 minutes searching for assets or creating a sales presentation. They do this 20 times a month. Now, let's assume that you pay each sales rep $50 an hour.

By doing some quick calculations, we find that your company is spending a staggering $8,333 per month on the cost of presentation creation. Over the course of a year, that adds up to almost $100,000 worth of time that could have been used for selling.

And that's not all. Think about the time and money that is spent on training new hires. While training is undoubtedly important, with the right sales tools in place, you can streamline these efforts and save a significant amount of money.

By implementing sales enablement best practices and providing streamlined training for your medical device sales team, you can empower them to create presentations with greater efficiency and effectiveness. A dedicated sales enablement platform can offer a centralized location for all necessary assets, saving valuable time and eliminating frustration from searching for the right materials. This solution can significantly reduce the cost of presentation creation and optimize your sales reps' time to focus on selling and revenue-generating activities.

If you're curious about the amount of money you might be wasting on presentation creation, try our presentation cost calculator. It can help you determine just how much time and resources are going out the window.

How Much Will a Medical Device Presentation System Cost?

When considering the cost of a medical device presentation system, it's important to weigh the benefits it can bring to your sales team and overall business growth. There are several sales enablement platforms on the market, such as Siesmic, Highspot, and Showpad, that offer the control and accessibility tools you may be looking for. The price of these platforms can vary depending on the size of your organization and the specific features you require.

Typically, these platforms can range from $25 to $50 per user. While this may seem like a significant investment, it's important to consider the potential return on investment. By streamlining your sales process and providing your team with the right tools, you can significantly increase efficiency, improve sales outcomes, and maintain a consistent brand image.

It's also worth noting that some sales enablement platforms may offer more tools and features than your company requires. It's important to carefully evaluate your needs and choose a platform that offers the simplicity and functionality that aligns with your goals. Additionally, onboarding costs should be taken into consideration. While these platforms can be highly effective, implementing and training your team on a new system can require time and resources.

Lastly, it's important to consider whether the sales enablement platform offers any creative support. While having the right tools is crucial, the content within those tools is equally important. Look for a platform that not only provides the infrastructure but also offers guidance and support in creating impactful sales content.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision on the cost of a medical device presentation system and choose the solution that best aligns with your needs and budget. Ultimately, the investment in the right platform can lead to greater efficiency, improved sales outcomes, and a consistent brand image for your medical device sales team.

A Cost-Efficient, Creative-Driven Medical Device Presentation System

Ask any sales representative if they value a well-designed sales story and the answer will be a resounding yes. Today's sales enablement landscape offers a variety of tools, all claiming to be effective due to their robust content management systems and AI-powered recommendations and playbooks. However, the key to success is having the right story at the core.

At Nuvue, we understand the importance of a compelling sales story, which is why we specialize in creating visually smart sales content for medical device brands. Our team comes from a rich production background and has years of experience working with sales and marketing leaders in the B2B space. We know how to build effective and visually compelling sales stories that resonate with your target audience.

In addition to our expertise in presentation design, we offer a simple and efficient content management system that allows your sales team to quickly create impactful presentations. With our platform, you can have control over your sales content while gaining valuable insights to optimize your sales story as your brand grows.

But what sets us apart even further is our pricing. Compared to legacy platforms like Showpad and Highspot, Nuvue offers a tiered pricing structure that can save your organization between 25% and 50%.
With Nuvue, you can get the creative-driven sales enablement tool you need at a cost-efficient price.

Schedule a 30-minute Hello Call with Nuvue today to see firsthand how our platform can empower your team to sell smarter and faster. Discover the power of a creative-first sales enablement tool and unlock the full potential of your medical device presentations.