Smart Solutions RX

The Client

Smart Solutions RX, Inc. formulates, develops, manufactures, and distributes products for medical aesthetics, focusing on hair and skin applications and devices.


Smart Solutions RX needed to revamp the visual identity of their hair restoration device, SmartGraft, and ensure a consistent sales story as they scaled their sales team with both internal and external reps. They engaged Nuvue to tackle these challenges.


We started by updating SmartGraft’s visual identity, giving it a refreshed, sophisticated look. Smart Solutions RX purchased our CAD to Content package, and we produced extensive content for their sales and marketing initiatives, including presentations, events, and social media. Next, we developed a tailored presentation system for SmartGraft’s long sales cycle, packaging the new visual identity into our presentation platform for seamless distribution to their sales team.

In the competitive world of medical device sales, it's tough to stand out. Nuvue has helped us supply our reps with superior sales content and ensure its delivery with total control.

Chloé Rager

Creative Manager

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