Genomic Life

The Client

Genomic Life's mission is to be the best in the world at navigating individuals to the genomics that matter. They aim to integrate an understanding of unique genetic makeup into medical care.


Following a major branding exercise and product launch, Genomic Life needed to ensure consistent brand identity, develop a presentation system aligned with their sales cycle, and control their sales story in a compliant sector.


Our team collaborated with Genomic Life’s sales and marketing teams to create a presentation architecture adhering to their new brand guidelines. We developed a templated presentation system featuring an interactive ROI calculator for real-time data with prospective clients. This system was integrated into our presentation management platform, ensuring consistent and controlled sales story delivery.

Fresh from our company rebrand, Nuvue crafted a presentation system that perfectly matches our sales cycle while preserving our brand identity.

Kimberly Scott

Former CMO

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