Why Ditching the Blah Medical Device Presentation Template Will Set Your Sales Reps Apart

December 8, 2023

If you're a startup medical device brand or entering a growth phase, chances are you're lacking in-house design resources for your presentation content. Too often, brands in these states opt for quick fixes, with many ending up doing a speedy Google search for a “free Medical Device PowerPoint template”—maybe that's how you landed here.

As a company committed to assisting medical device brands with their presentations, we're not big fans of the "quick PowerPoint presentation template". This article will delve into why this isn't the best move for your brand and sales goals. Instead, we’ll explain why investing in a presentation system for your medical device brand is crucial, and we'll guide you toward innovative methods to level up your medical device presentations.

Sales Growth Dilemmas in the World of Cookie-Cutter Medical Device Presentations

In the world of medical device sales, relying on a standard medical device presentation template is like sticking to a tired script in a blockbuster movie—overused and unlikely to stand out in a crowded landscape. What you need is a script-to-screen approach that brings your medical device sales presentations to life.

Opting for a cookie-cutter template sends a message to potential clients that your brand is just another face in the crowd.

You've probably heard the old saying a million times: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Whether you're showcasing a single product or a whole lineup, how you present your brand to potential and current clients carries substantial weight. Think of your sales presentation as that crucial first handshake, the opening scene of your business narrative, and you want it to be unforgettable. Using those run-of-the-mill medical device presentation templates is like showing up at a fancy restaurant in sweatpants—it falls short of conveying the professional image you aim to project.

And let's not forget how it makes your sales reps look.

The Demoralizing Impact of Standard Medical Device Presentation Templates on Sales Reps

We've discussed the detrimental impact of using medical device presentation templates on your brand's image, but let's take a moment to consider the toll it takes on your invaluable sales reps.

They've got one of the toughest jobs out there. Stepping into hospitals or doctors' offices, they know they're promoting a product and service that shares features with a dozen other competitors. Their differentiators? Themselves and how they present both their personal brand and the materials they bring to prospective clients—plain and simple.

We've sat in countless meetings where sales reps lay bare the truth—they often work for brands that invest little time and money in providing them with the tools essential for success. It's demoralizing for these reps, receiving a message that their brand isn't willing to invest in them. On the flip side, we've seen a stark contrast with clients whose teams applaud leadership for actively investing in supercharged medical-focused sales content and tools that streamline their roles and set them up for success.

As a leader in sales and marketing for your medical device brand, your objective is clear: set your team up for success. Equip them with medical sales presentations that not only look good but exude sophistication, innovation, and pride in your product. You want them to feel like they're pulling up to a crucial meeting in a Ferrari, not a beat-up Pinto. It's about instilling confidence in your team, reaffirming their value, and ensuring they have the tools to shine in a competitive landscape.

Investing in Impact: Shaping a Dynamic Medical Device Sales Presentation

By now, you've probably picked up on the realization that using a medical device presentation template might be hindering rather than enhancing your innovative medical product showcase. So, what's the next step? How do we tackle this challenge and create a medical device presentation that not only stands out, impresses clients, but also instills confidence in our sales reps? Before we dive into the solutions, there are two crucial considerations we'd like you to ponder.

Firstly, embrace the notion of opening your wallet and investing in the design of your medical device presentation. While the initial appeal of a medical device presentation template might be its cost-saving aspect, it's essential to weigh the long-term impact. As the saying goes, you need to spend to grow, not only in product development but also in how you market and present that product. Success here requires a mental and financial readiness to invest, and desire to find the right product visualization company.

Secondly, it's time to break away from the norm—the stale, dry, typical PowerPoint presentations or PDFs that have likely been the go-to throughout your career. Your product is innovative, and so is your audience. We're living in a modern, technologically advanced world where audiences expect more than just a standard PowerPoint presentation; they crave an experience.

If the idea of rethinking how you present your product and services, coupled with investing more, doesn't scare you off, we're ready to share a couple of techniques and insights that have proven highly beneficial in the ever-evolving landscape of medical device sales.

Prioritizing Mobile-First Strategy for Effective Medical Device Presentations

Before diving into visualization techniques for medical device sales presentations, it's crucial to prioritize creating mobile-optimized sales presentations for showcasing your products and services. The era of sending hefty PowerPoint presentations or PDF files as introductory or follow-up emails is long gone. We need to approach our presentations as if they are websites, ensuring the best possible viewing experience to showcase our innovative technology.

Imagine your sales reps sending out massive 100 MB PowerPoint presentations, requiring prospective clients to navigate through the hassle of downloading, rotating their phones, and zooming in just to access the content you're providing. This not only creates a suboptimal viewing experience but also leaves an impression you'd likely want to avoid. Instead, consider presenting them with a link to a well-designed presentation that adapts seamlessly to any device—from desktops to tablets. This ensures a clear and concise presentation, akin to the seamless experience expected from any modern website visit.

Now let's talk about fun stuff, building a presentation system!

Beyond Templates: Designing a Powerful Medical Device Presentation Ecosystem

Now that you've hopefully embraced the idea of ditching the standard medical device presentation template found on Google and are ready to invest in building a presentation system that truly reflects your brand as an innovator and empowers your sales reps, let's delve into the components that bring this vision to life.

1. Presentation Branding:
It all begins with the guardrails you set for your presentations. Developing a presentation branding system ensures that anyone on your team can effortlessly create presentations within your brand guidelines—adhering to your fonts, colors, imagery, and messaging. This is especially crucial for businesses with fluctuating sales teams. The last thing you want is scattered, one-off presentations floating around in the depths of Dropbox. Establishing presentation guidelines is key to ensuring your message is consistently delivered.

2. Presentation Architecture:
Often overlooked is the necessity for multiple sales presentations to accommodate the extended sales cycles in the medical device industry. Collaborate with your sales leaders to understand the sales cycle and determine the number of presentations needed to keep a prospective client engaged from the initial contact to closing. Typically, providing your team with four to six presentations is a realistic range based on our experience.

3. Presentation Content:
What you put into your presentations seals the deal—it's the information about your product and why it benefits your prospective clients. Don't fall into the trap of the easy solution with stock imagery and static renders slapped into a template. To set yourself apart from the competition, think visually and rely on 3D techniques.

- 3D Animation:
While not a new technique, it's often overlooked. Imagine the impression a 3D animated cover slide can leave on a prospective client. Movement adds a dynamic touch that resonates and stays with them.

- Interactive Video:
Interactive videos are fantastic for walking through device details without the physical product. Particularly useful for those dealing with large-scale items, they offer a visual experience, allowing clients to navigate through device intricacies during presentations.

- Augmented Reality:
A vastly underutilized asset in sales presentations, especially for large-scale devices. By embedding QR codes within the presentation, clients can launch an augmented reality experience for their medical device, providing a unique and engaging perspective.

Embrace the mindset that investing is necessary to build this system effectively. Building a presentation system takes time, effort, and the right team, but the long-term dividends will undoubtedly pay off.

A New Approach to Medical Devices Sales Presentations Requires a New Type of Partner

In this post, we've emphasized the importance of moving beyond typical medical device sales templates and doing so successfully requires partnering with experts in creating medical device sales presentations and developing tailored content. Equally vital is collaborating with professionals versed in presentation design systems and technologies, ensuring brands can safeguard their sales stories with unwavering consistency and control.

When seeking a partner to fill this crucial role, exercise due diligence and pose the right questions. It's imperative to collaborate with partners who comprehend the intricacies of medical devices and understand the challenges faced by sales reps and brands during product presentations. Don't be swayed by the allure of cost efficiency alone; not every presentation designer found on the internet will meet your specific needs. Trust me, opting for the cheapest option may result in wasted time and money in the long run.

At Nuvue, we are deeply immersed in the realm of medical device sales presentations. With over a decade of experience, we breathe life into visual sales content tailored for the medical device industry. What sets us apart is our dedication to innovation—we've not only created but also managed our presentation management platform. This platform empowers our clients, providing the necessary guardrails for their sales presentations while delivering key assets to their sales reps in seconds. We don't just understand the industry; we've built tools to enhance it.

If you'd like to learn more, please schedule a hello call today and allow us the opportunity to show you how we're helping medical device brands like yours move away from standard presentation templates and towards building robust presentation systems.