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Prezi Competitors: 3 Alternatives Like Prezi for B2B Sales Teams

July 12, 2023

If you're searching for Prezi competitors, you're not alone. Since its launch in 2009, Prezi has become a popular presentation software worldwide, thanks to its unique ability to create dynamic and engaging presentations using a zoomable canvas. With Prezi, presenters can move around and zoom in and out of visual elements, creating a more interactive experience for the audience.

In recent years, several alternatives to Prezi have emerged, such as, Canva, and Pitch. These platforms offer similar features and functionality to Prezi and are often used as alternatives. But which one is right for your B2B sales team? In this article, we'll explore three industry players that can serve as alternatives to Prezi and are worth considering for your next sales pitch. 

Prezi Alternatives for B2B Sales Teams: Key Considerations Before Making the Switch

Before considering alternative presentation platforms like Prezi, it is important to understand the needs of today's B2B sales teams. You want to make sure you're not just investing in the next cool presentation platform, but also providing your organization with a tool that meets the needs of your sales and marketing teams, as well as your prospective customers.

To help you evaluate your Prezi competitors and determine which one is the best fit for your needs, below is a grading card with six key categories to consider:

  1. Responsiveness: One of the key features to look for in a presentation platform is mobile responsiveness. With more and more B2B researchers using mobile devices during the purchasing process, it's essential that your presentations are easily viewable on any device.
  2. Visualizations: Using enhanced visualizations can help keep your audience engaged and increase the chances of closing a deal. Look for a platform that supports a wide range of visual elements, from images and charts to animations and interactive experiences.
  3. Speed: Sales is a numbers game, and you can't afford to waste time creating presentations. Look for a platform that offers a templated system to help ensure speed, efficiency, and accuracy when delivering your sales pitch.
  4. Compliance: It's crucial that your sales story is secure and adheres to industry regulations. This is particularly important for businesses that sell regulated products or services such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or insurance products. Look for a platform that allows you to ensure the accuracy and relevance of shared information while presenting it in a professional and appropriate manner.
  5. Analytics: To make data-driven decisions on next steps, sales teams need to be able to track performance in real-time. Look for a platform that offers robust analytics capabilities, allowing you to monitor engagement, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your sales approach.
  6. Asset management: Sales teams need an effective system to control the sales content needed to promote and sell products and services. This includes things like product brochures, pricing sheets, case studies, and demo videos. Look for a platform that allows you to store and distribute key assets easily and efficiently.

By considering these six categories, you can make an informed decision when choosing a Prezi competitor that meets the specific needs of your B2B sales team.

Alternatives to Prezi: 3 Presentation Tools for B2B Sales Teams

Beautiful AI

First on the list of Prezi competitors is Founded in 2016, this presentation platform has recently begun to live up to the "AI" in its name, as it now offers an artificial intelligence component to help build presentations.

So, how does this futuristic platform meet the needs of B2B sales teams?

Responsiveness: 0/10

Although works perfectly on mobile devices, it is not a responsive platform. This means that users are required to rotate their phones and zoom in and out to review shared information while on the go.

Visualizations: 6/10 offers an assortment of stock imagery, and you can also upload your own images and videos. The feature prompts the creation of fully generated AI imagery. However, the platform lacks the ability to add interactive video, 360 video, or ROI calculators.

Speed: 8/10

Users can quickly create presentations by selecting a template and adding information. An interesting feature of is that changing a template will auto-adjust with the information you've already added.

Compliance: 7/10 offers full control over your presentation content, with the ability to manage shared slide libraries in the TeamPro addition. You can update the content on a single slide, and the shared slide will update in real-time across all your presentations. It’s unclear if shared content is locked down or editable. 

Analytics: 7/10 provides tracking information such as views and downloads for each presentation sent. However, the platform lacks internal tracking to see how your team is using the platform and the content within.

Asset management: 6/10

Users can share assets like photos and logos for use in their presentations, but they cannot share assets such as videos, PDFs, or Word documents. You’d need to rely on products like Dropbox and Google drive to share those types of assets with your team and prospects.

Pricing: According to their website, the TEAM option costs $50/month per user. If you're working solo, you can get by with as little as $12/month per user.

B2B sales team readiness score: 34/60



Next on the list of Prezi competitors is Pitch. Although founded in 2018, the presentation software was officially launched in 2020, making it a relatively new player on the block. Pitch offers a sleek user interface that enables remote teams to collaborate on presentation creation.

Pitch presents a fresh and modern approach to presentation design, with a strong focus on collaboration and teamwork. Despite being relatively new, it has already gained a strong following and is well-regarded by many users.

How does Pitch cater to the needs of B2B sales teams?

Responsiveness: 0/10

Pitch offers a mobile-responsive experience, but like, it lacks a fully responsive platform. This means that users may have to rotate their phones and zoom in and out to review shared information while on the go.

Visualizations: 4/10

Pitch provides an array of stock imagery and allows users to upload their own images and videos. However, the platform lacks the ability to add interactive video, 360 video, or ROI calculators, as well as customized sales tools that could help teams sell more effectively.

Speed: 8/10

Users can quickly create presentations by selecting a template and adding information. Pitch offers a diverse range of templates that can cater to various presentation scenarios, such as investor decks or company overviews.

Compliance: 6/10

With the recent launch of Pitch PRO, users can share libraries of company-approved content, including presentations, images, fonts, and videos, with their teams. However, it's unclear whether the content is still controllable once it's in the hands of the sales reps.

Analytics: 7/10

Pitch PRO provides tracking information, such as views, location, and device types, for each presentation sent. However, like, the platform lacks system tracking to monitor how the team is using the content and the platform.

Asset management: 6/10

With Pitch PRO, users can share assets like photos and logos to use in their presentations, but they cannot share assets such as videos, PDFs, or Word documents.

Pricing:  If you're looking for a free Prezi alternative, you can use Pitch as an individual for free. For growing sales teams, the cost is $8 per user per month.

B2B sales team readiness score: 31/60



Last on the list of Prezi competitors is Canva. Founded in 2012, Canva is the oldest presentation platform on this list, but it is also the most popular. With over 50 million users and counting, Canva has become one of the leading presentation design platforms in today's market. It is also the most versatile design platform available, as it allows users to create various types of graphics, including posters, flyers, social media images, and presentations.

How does Canva meet the needs of B2B sales teams?

Responsiveness score: 0/10

Canva uses a "free canvas" design that allows users to add elements like video, imagery, or text anywhere on the canvas. However, like its competitors, presentations are displayed on mobile devices in a 16x9 format rather than being fully responsive. As a result, viewers on mobile devices may need to rotate, pinch, and zoom in order to view the presentation properly.

Enhanced Visualizations: 4/10

Canva is great for creating basic designs for social content, brochures, invites, and website elements. However, for sales presentations that require enhanced visualization and experiences to explain complex ideas Canva doesn’t have the integration capabilities.

Speed: 7/10

Canva excels in creating quick presentations with its pre-designed templates and easy-to-use interface. Grab a template, add some copy, and you’re done. Plus, a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to create a presentation, even if they have no prior design experience.

Compliance: 4/10

Canva's team functionality allows for controlling brand identity and sharing brand assets with teams, as well as controlling the use of specific imagery and presentation templates. However, the content within these templates is not fully controllable.

Insights: 8/10

Canva offers insights into how presentations are being viewed externally and provides reports on how your internal teams are using the platform and applying your templates to presentations.

Asset Management: 7/10

Canva Pro comes with a digital asset management system for teams to consolidate and distribute their sales content. They also do a nice job organizing brand assets and making them accessible so that teams are ensured to use the right fonts, color and imagery in their designs.

Pricing: If you're looking for a free Prezi alternative, you can use Canva as an individual. However, for B2B teams, you should look into the Team pricing, which can range between $800-$6000/year, depending on the size of your organization.

Modern B2B sales Team Score: 30/60

Prezi Alternatives: Our Expert Opinion, Pitch, and Canva are excellent Prezi competitors that provide teams and individuals with easy access to templated designs for creating presentations with ease. In addition, all these platforms now offer brand controls, allowing users to access their system fonts and colors and promote brand consistency across their presentation materials. They also provide Asset Management tools to share assets with teams, such as photos and fonts.

By considering these options, we recommend Pitch as the best alternative to Prezi. It has the easiest UI and navigation, making it a great option for sales teams that might have internal creative departments. Moreover, it's the most affordable platform, even if you're considering a team plan.

However, what all these platforms lack, and quite honestly, most presentation platforms on the market, is the embracing of mobile responsiveness within their presentations. Although they will present on mobile devices, they're not mobile responsive, leaving viewers with no other option but to rotate their phones, pinch, and zoom to view the content. In today's B2B sales landscape, you need to look at your presentations no differently than you look at your websites. You need to accommodate for every viewing scenario, including mobile devices.

Furthermore, all three platforms lack the ability to integrate enhanced visualization experiences, such as 360-degree video interactivity, ROI calculators, AR/VR, and other tools that sales and marketing leaders need to better present their products and services. This is an area where Prezi outperforms all three platforms due to its ability to create interactive viewing experiences with its nested zoom capabilities. In sales, the goal is to stand out from the competition, and Prezi provides a competitive edge in the creative department.

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