Medical Marketing vs. Content Agencies – Which Does Your Brand Need?

February 23, 2024

Whether you're a startup or navigating an established medical device brand, introducing a new product and sustaining effective sales and marketing strategies demand careful consideration. As your organization scales, the needs of your outreach efforts also expand, sometimes necessitating external assistance. This brings up a critical question: Do you need a medical device marketing agency or a medical content agency?

The journey from product conception to market saturation is multifaceted, and the size of your organization plays a pivotal role in determining the outsourcing needs. While both medical device marketing and content agencies share common ground in their contributions to brand elevation, a nuanced understanding of their distinctions becomes key when selecting a partner to work with.

In this article, we delve into the distinctions between medical marketing and medical content agencies, exploring their service offerings, pricing structures, and key considerations when researching a potential partner.

The Unique Roles of Medical Marketing and Content Agencies

Let's examine these two agency types at a high level and assess their roles and capabilities.

A medical marketing agency concentrates on formulating and executing comprehensive medical marketing strategies for brands. This involves devising marketing plans, crafting advertising campaigns, overseeing digital marketing, and implementing various promotional activities to effectively reach the target audience.

Conversely, a medical content agency specializes in generating marketing content tailored for medical brands. This content spans social media content, videos, interactive experiences, and other content designed to educate, inform, and engage the audience. The emphasis is on producing high-quality, accurate, and relevant content to establish the brand as an authority in the medical field.

While there may be some overlap between the two, the pivotal difference lies in their primary areas of expertise and the services they offer. A medical marketing agency adopts a broader approach to brand promotion, whereas a medical content agency focuses on creating compelling content to bolster marketing efforts.

Determining the Right Time for Medical Marketing vs. Content Agencies

The scale of your organization and resource availability dictate your hiring choices. For this article, let's assume you're a startup with limited team and resources, gearing up to launch a product.

In this context, seeking a dedicated medical marketing agency is essential. They play a crucial role in shaping your brand's success trajectory. Here's how they can assist:

  • Develop a Comprehensive Launch Strategy: Craft a tailored launch plan that strategically introduces your product to the market, creating a strong and positive initial impact.
  • Identify and Target Your Audience: Utilize market research and analysis to identify your target audience and create targeted campaigns that resonate with their needs and preferences.
  • Establish Brand Positioning and Messaging: Work on defining and communicating your brand's unique value proposition, differentiating it from competitors in the medical landscape.
  • Implement Multi-Channel Marketing: Execute cohesive marketing campaigns across various channels, including digital platforms, traditional media, and other relevant outlets to maximize visibility.
  • Optimize Search Engine Visibility: Employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure that your product is easily discoverable by those searching for relevant medical solutions.

Once you have a marketing plan in place, you'll then want to seek out a medical device content agency to play a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with superior content. Here's how they can help:

  • Craft Visual and Multimedia Assets: Generate visually appealing content such as videos, 3D renderings, and interactive materials to convey complex medical information in a digestible and visually stimulating manner.
  • Social Media Toolkits: Develop a social media content strategy to foster engagement, share updates, and connect with your audience on platforms where they actively seek and share information.
  • Tell Compelling Brand Stories: Craft visual narratives that showcase the impact of your medical device.
  • Presentation Branding: Develop a presentation system that helps your sales team effectively sell your product across a lengthy sales cycle.
  • Innovation: A good medical content agency will help you conceptualize and build customized digital experiences to better visualize your product offering, such as using AR & VR.

Both medical marketing and medical content agencies have specific roles in your product's sales and marketing efforts. Knowing when to bring each into play depends on your internal capabilities and your product's position in the sales and marketing life cycle.

What to Consider When Your Agency Says 'Can Do That

We've all encountered the handyman at our homes who, when asked for a recommendation for a particular service, responds with, "I can do that." It's the nature of business-minded individuals to try and capture as much semi-relevant business as possible. While this approach may be great for the business owner, it might not be the optimal choice for the customer.

Similarly, when you approach your medical marketing agency for a 3D render campaign, be cautious if they claim it's in their wheelhouse. The same holds true for your medical content agency – it might not be the right fit for your digital marketing requirements, such as SEO optimization.

The key takeaway here is not to settle for what's easy. If you have specific needs for the sales and marketing efforts of your product, seek out the right type of partner for the task at hand. Just because your current partner lists a service on their website or claims to have done it before doesn't necessarily mean they are experts in that particular field.

What is the price difference between a medical marketing vs content agency?

Typically, the pricing structure of medical marketing agencies and content agencies differs greatly. 

Medical marketing agencies often lean towards the ongoing retainer model, focusing on the long-term growth of your medical product. This approach requires planning and continual adjustments throughout your product’s lifecycle. Retainer fees in this category can range from 5-20k per month, depending on the level of services provided. Additionally, many medical marketing agencies may charge an onboarding fee, especially for services like managing paid advertising accounts.

On the other hand, medical content agencies generally operate on a per-project model. Some, like ours, may also offer monthly creative service retainers for medical brands without internal resources. The cost per project varies depending on the task at hand. Common requests include product launch videos and 3D product rendering packages, each ranging from 7-20k, depending on the complexity and total assets needed.

Deciding on the Best Partner for Your Sales and Marketing Goals

Our aim with this article is to underscore the clear distinctions between medical marketing agencies and medical content agencies. The key to finding the best partner lies in comprehending the challenges you're confronting. From there, you can initiate your search for an expert in that specific field. "Expert" is crucial, as in the world of marketing and content production, many companies offer these services, but only a handful specialize exclusively in the medical field. Hence, thorough research is essential.

At Nuvue, we are a dedicated medical content agency. Our passion and focus revolve around creating content for the medical device industry for over a decade. We deeply comprehend the business challenges faced by medical sales and marketing leaders. Our expertise lies in leveraging content to address and resolve these challenges. If you're interested in witnessing how we assist medical brands like yours in elevating their game through compelling content, please schedule a hello call today.