Sales Enablement

Jill Later, Cartessa: Giving Sales Teams the Content They Need (without Giving Up Control)

November 15, 2022

Who Is Cartessa Aesthetics?

Cartessa sources, distributes, and markets aesthetic devices to providers including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas. We look for the best of the best devices from around the globe. 

Because we’re not linked to any one manufacturer, we are able to pick and choose what we offer. That’s allowed us to build a diverse portfolio that stands out in the industry, but it also complicates our selling process. 

Since our founding in 2017, we’ve grown from three sales reps to 75. We cover all of the United States and Canada. When we entered the industry, it was pretty stagnant. We were doing things differently, and we needed a way to communicate what made us so different.

Why Did Cartessa Aesthetics Partner with Nuvue?

With a rapidly growing national sales team, Cartessa’s marketing department was in need of a platform that allowed control of their sales assets and presentations. Nuvue’s creative services also helped Cartessa address their lack of an internal design or production process.

Nuvue’s timing was perfect. Once we had grown to 30 or 40 sales reps, with a marketing team of two, I started feeling a lack of control surrounding the materials our sales reps were using in their presentations — mainly the lack of consistency and accuracy.

All of our customers are different, and we offer a lot of different products. We needed control, while also giving our sales people the flexibility to put their own personal touches on presentations. Other options we’d explored lacked that customization, and didn’t offer analytics. With Nuvue, our sales team can pick and choose what to present — without having full control over the content. 

The way the platform works, and the way Nuvue helps us bring our presentations to life with moving graphics, is the perfect combination for us. We’re a technology company, bringing in breakthrough aesthetic treatments from around the globe — and we need to act like one. We can’t walk into a presentation carrying a piece of paper.

When our materials started looking stagnant, Nuvue’s higher level animations and the control they offered helped us successfully roll out our new sales vehicles.


What Sales Solution Did Nuvue Deliver?

We worked with Cartessa to improve their presentation identity, unifying the overall look and feel of their decks and adding visual enhancements, including 3D animation and interactivity wherever necessary. By packaging this into the Nuvue platform, we delivered Cartessa a single, controlled source for their presentation and sales assets. No more hunting for collateral in various Dropbox or Drive folders.

Nuvue gave us one place to put all the key materials our sales reps needed. In our industry, we’re constantly learning about what resonates. We’re constantly updating the story so our reps have the latest and greatest content to present. With Nuvue, sales people can get the most up-to-date presentations for all our products, including all the stats they need to sell them. Before and afters are huge in our industry as is explaining the differentiated technology behind the results. Nuvue is our library of photos and the graphics animations showing what the products do have been invaluable. All of this is in Nuvue, and it’s all approved for seamless sharing among the team.



How Did Nuvue Do It?

Our partnership with Cartessa is an ongoing collaborative process. NuVue is still involved in the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of Cartessa’s presentation assets.

Working with Nuvue was seamless from the start. They are dialed in and always looking for ways to make things easier for us. They’ve also forced us to take an honest look at our story and materials. It could have been an overwhelming, painful process — but it wasn’t. Nuvue helped us: 

  1. Define our presentation priorities, and determine how to achieve our goals.
  2. Develop a more relevant and engaging story by taking the time to understand our business and products.
  3. Report on how the sales team is actually using the tool, creating accountability for us while also educating themselves on where opportunity exists.

Nuvue is not a set-it-and-forget sales presentation solution, and they’ve been here for us every step of the way. They’ve ensured our team members are trained on the platform and any questions are answered.

What Were the Results?

Empowered with an intuitive, easy-to-use sales presentation platform, Cartessa has saved a massive amount of time when building, sharing, and maintaining presentation assets.

For me and my team, our greatest result is the time Nuvue has saved us — along with the stress those time savings have alleviated. We can’t recreate the wheel every time we want to make a change or say something different.

From the moment we rolled it out, our team’s feedback on Nuvue has been extremely positive. Everybody feels good knowing their team and the people they’re bringing on board can go to one place and get all the right information. It’s been so successful for us, we even use Nuvue as our training platform.



How Can Nuvue Help You Maintain Control Over Your Sales Narrative?

Year to date, Cartessa has created nearly 2,000 sales presentations. They’ve shared almost 1,400 — a number Jill admits would make her nervous, if she didn’t “know they’re sharing them from Nuvue.” Because the platform gives Cartessa’s sales team the content they need, without giving them total control over what they’re presenting, Jill can rest easy knowing the sales narrative is not diluted.

If you’re looking for that same peace of mind with your own sales story, let’s talk.