Dan Silver, GroundTruth: Motivating Sales with Exciting Presentation Content

July 1, 2021

Who Is GroundTruth?

GroundTruth is a location technology company that specializes in the advertising technology sector. They work with a broad range of clients to deploy highly relevant advertisements based on the element of location — where people are and where they’ve been.

Our solution has a wide variety of clients across all verticals, and we have a diversified product offering. Many clients work with us in a managed service capacity, while others run advertisements and deploy ads based on their own strategies. We also work with large traditional media companies who white-label our solutions, using us to supplement their own advertising.

There’s a lot of education too. A lot of the self-serve ones need help getting started, and so we’re kind of guiding them. I think that’s a big piece of “why” Nuvue.

Why Did GroundTruth Partner with Nuvue?

GroundTruth struggled to effectively visualize the way their location technology worked to their prospects. Traditional 2D visualization methods weren’t doing their different location techniques justice. Their sales team needed presentation content that set them apart from their competitors.

Our sell is unique in that we use this data point that is very visual in nature — the element of location. We needed a better way to demonstrate what our product does and what it does for our clients. We’re also in a very competitive space. 

As a marketer in a competitive space, I’ve found that a lot of the words you use aren’t as unique to your brand as you think. They get conflated in the marketplace, and everybody starts to use similar descriptions and sound the same. Eventually it becomes hard to differentiate companies from one another. 

How you tell your sales story is an important way to stand out. That’s why the Nuvue platform is really helpful for us. We are able to use different types of visualizations and interactive components to help tell our story.

We would traditionally use these flat images that started to look like everything else. Location is about maps and satellite imagery, and there’s only so much of that. So that’s where it starts to get copied by multiple companies and it starts to kind of lose its individuality.

What Solution Did Nuvue Deliver?

We worked with GroundTruth to develop a complete presentation rebrand and create a series of 3D animations to better visualize their location technology offerings. We integrated this content into the Nuvue platform, ensuring their story would be delivered in a consistent and controlled manner.

Nuvue offers a new way for our sales team to stand out. It makes things a lot easier on our end. As far as the platform’s concerned, it makes it easier for organizing content, making sure we have the latest materials in there and keeping us honest about what needs to be updated. 

How Did Nuvue Do It?

Collaboration was key. Working with the GroundTruth marketing department, we:

  1. Analyzed all of their existing presentation materials, reviewing several hundred slides and eliminating overlap to streamline their sales story.
  2. Reorganized their presentation content, creating asset groups that made finding the right presentation content a breeze.
  3. Developed twelve 3D animations from pen to digital, helping the sales team better visualize how their technology works.
  4. Integrated all of this new presentation content in Nuvue, adding some unique personalization features along the way.

With Nuvue, we have full oversight into all the slides we have in the market. There’s nothing outside our sightline. That part makes it easier and a little more comforting, knowing there’s not going to be any slides that are not marketing-approved going out there.

What Were the Results?

The results of our work with GroundTruth came in the form of sales story consistency. GroundTruth has everything they need with Nuvue — and nothing they don’t. Nuvue is now their only presentation tool, and they’ve done away with Powerpoint and Clearslide entirely.

One way we measure the success of Nuvue is just the excitement internally. A sales team always wants something unique and exciting to bring to market, and that’s really what captured people’s attention. Getting our full sales force excited about a sales tool? I think that’s pretty exciting and rare. That’s a nice little added bonus. 

How Can Nuvue Transform Your Sales Presentations?

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