Breaking Free from Stock Imagery: Why Your Product Presentation Deserves Better

May 22, 2023

Stock imagery is undoubtedly useful in various contexts, but when it comes to product presentations, particularly for high-ticket items in B2B sales, relying solely on stock imagery falls short. In this article, we will explore why it's crucial to invest beyond stock and add depth and dimension to your product presentations. By doing so, you can equip your sales team with the tools they need to effectively sell your products.

3 Reasons Why Your Product Presentations Need More Than Stock Imagery

  1. Your competition is using the same stock images: It's disheartening how frequently we encounter presentations where the imagery feels all too familiar, leaving us with a sense of déjà vu. The truth is, your competitors are likely using the exact same stock images to represent their products or services. This lack of originality can diminish your ability to differentiate yourself in the market or make a lasting impression on potential customers.
  2. They make your sales team work too hard: If you're selling a complex product or service, relying solely on stock images is unlikely to assist your sales team in performing their job efficiently and effectively. Stock imagery is often generic and doesn't effectively convey the intricacies and nuances of your offerings. This places an unnecessary burden on your sales team, forcing them to work harder to bridge the gap between the generic visuals and the actual value of your product. To streamline the sales process and optimize your team's efforts, incorporating custom visuals that align with your product and brand is essential. By integrating personalized visuals into your sales deck design, you provide your sales team with powerful tools to visually represent the specific features, functionalities, and benefits of your offerings.
  3. You want to present your brand as a leader in the space: If you genuinely aspire to differentiate yourself from the competition, it's crucial to present your brand as a leader in your industry. Relying on boilerplate stock imagery does not demonstrate a willingness to invest in yourself or showcase a distinct perspective. To truly establish yourself as a leader, you need to invest in custom visuals that align with your brand's identity, values, and unique positioning.

By recognizing the limitations of stock imagery and investing in custom visuals for your product presentations, you empower your brand to differentiate itself, support your sales team, and establish industry leadership.

Extraordinary Presentations: Investing in Strategies Beyond Stock Imagery

Taking your product presentations from ordinary to extraordinary is an ambitious endeavor, and we won't sugarcoat it—it requires a genuine investment of time, money, and resources from your organization. But the rewards are worth it. By making this investment, you can transform your product presentations into captivating experiences that leave a lasting impact on your audience. Not only will it empower your sales team to sell better, but it will also yield a higher return on investment (ROI) as your audience connects more deeply with your brand and offerings. 

Let’s break down the 3 types of  investments you will be facing:

1. Invest in Time: The Convenience Trap of Stock Imagery

One of the primary reasons people often resort to stock imagery is the convenience it offers. It requires minimal time and effort—you simply browse through the vast repositories of stock imagery, select a relevant image, and download it for immediate use. However, if you're truly committed to creating product presentations that make a lasting impact, you must be willing to invest the time required to understand how best to visualize your product.

This investment in time requires bringing together key stakeholders from your sales, marketing, and product teams, as well as addressing essential sales enablement questions for your CMO. By collectively determining the most effective visuals, you can ensure that your presentations align with your sales enablement strategy. These crucial discussions and collaborations allow you to gain valuable insights into the unique features, benefits, and selling points of your offering you want to highlight in your presentations. This deeper understanding will inform the visual strategy, ensuring that your product presentations accurately and powerfully convey the value proposition to your audience.

2. Invest in Money: The Price of Quality Visualizations

Creating high-quality visualizations is a meticulous process that demands both expertise and resources. Consequently, it's important to recognize that investing in impactful product presentations will require a financial commitment. While stock imagery might seem like a cost-effective solution, if you're looking to truly elevate your presentations, a budget of a mere $500 is unlikely to suffice.

To truly unleash the full potential of your product presentations, you may need to explore options such as 3D animations, interactive experiences, or other immersive visual elements. These dynamic and engaging visualizations come at a higher cost because they require skilled professionals, extensive planning, and meticulous execution. By investing the necessary financial resources, you demonstrate your commitment to creating visual experiences that captivate your audience and drive meaningful results.

3. Invest in People: The Power of Expertise

When it comes to creating exceptional product presentations, it's crucial to surround yourself with the right people, such as hiring a 3D product visualization company. Simply relying on freelance platforms like Upwork and hoping for the best is not the ideal approach. Instead, seek out companies or professionals who specialize in visualizing and creating sales and marketing materials specifically tailored for B2B product selling.

Partnering with experienced experts helps your visuals go beyond superficial aesthetics. These professionals understand the unique methodology and thought process required to create visual assets that effectively support your sales team in achieving their objectives. 

Crafting a Killer Product Presentation in 3 Simple Steps

Building a killer product presentation that leaves a lasting impression on your audience is an art. It requires careful analysis, meticulous planning, and skillful execution. By following these essential steps, you can elevate your presentation from ordinary to extraordinary, captivating your audience and driving meaningful results.

Step 1: Analyze

The first crucial step in creating a killer product presentation and developing an effective sales content strategy is to conduct a thorough analysis of your needs. This emphasizes the importance of investing time, as it requires engaging key stakeholders during the analysis phase. By examining your current presentations, you can identify areas where your sales team may be falling short and determine what they actually need to sell better. This collaborative effort allows you to make informed assessments and decisions regarding the type of content that needs to be created. Taking the time to understand your sales team's requirements and aligning them with your overall sales content strategy is essential for delivering impactful product presentations.

Step 2: Plan

Once you have a clear understanding of your requirements, it's time to put together a detailed plan—a blueprint for your presentation. This phase can be likened to storyboarding a Hollywood film. Just as a script forms the foundation of a movie, you'll be putting pen to paper to visually outline what you want to bring to life. Sometimes, the simplest approach suffices—an initial pencil drawing or a whiteboarding session can help you visualize the key elements before diving into the execution phase. This meticulous planning process is essential for creating effective B2B sales enablement content that resonates with your target audience and drives meaningful engagement.

Step 3: Visualize

Now comes the exciting part—bringing your plan to life. With a solid script and a clear vision of what your presentation should look like, it's time to execute. Whether you have an in-house creative services department or you're working with an external production partner, the key is to take gradual steps forward in converting product features into successful presentations. When building complex product animations, it's essential to work in stages. We refer to this as "blocking." Starting from your storyboard, you gradually build, pause, and analyze. You involve key stakeholders at each stage to ensure that the direction you're taking aligns with their needs. Through this iterative process of blocking, you continually refine and enhance your presentation until you achieve the final product.

By following these three steps—analyze, plan, and visualize—you can create a killer product presentation that not only captivates your audience but also effectively supports your sales team's objectives. It's a comprehensive approach that combines thoughtful analysis, strategic planning, and meticulous execution to deliver a presentation that truly stands out and drives results.

Nuvue: Your Trusted Ally for Transformative Product Presentations

At Nuvue, we understand that creating transformative product presentations requires a dedicated investment in the right people. With over 20 years of expertise in product presentation development for B2B sales teams, it's not just our specialty – it's our passion. We have worked closely with sales and marketing leaders across various industries, from technology to medical devices and everything in between. Our goal is to collaborate with our clients, helping them design, develop, and execute product presentations that truly make a difference for their sales teams.

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and dynamics within B2B sales, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. We believe that a great product presentation is more than just visuals and content; it's about strategically aligning your messaging, captivating your audience, and ultimately driving results. Our team of experts is committed to delivering presentations that not only impress but also empower your sales team to excel.

If you're curious about how we have helped our clients bring their product visualizations to life, we invite you to schedule a hello call with our team today. Let us show you firsthand how Nuvue can be your trusted ally in crafting remarkable product presentations that make a lasting impact.