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B2B Sales Presentation Tools: Why It's Time to Drop Dropbox

March 16, 2023

B2B sales presentations play a crucial role in building and maintaining relationships with potential clients. While the use of cloud-based storage platforms like Dropbox can be an attractive solution for brands looking to streamline their sales processes, there are several pitfalls to be aware of.

In this article, we will explore five common mistakes that businesses make when using Dropbox for their sales presentations, and provide strategies to help you avoid them and keep your growing brand on track.

The Dark Side of Dropbox: Pitfalls to Avoid in B2B Sales Presentations for Growing Brands

Growth is an exciting time for any organization. It means that you're doing something right and your prospects are pleased with your products and services. As a sales and marketing executive, your first action item is to start building a B2B sales team that can help expand your reach and sell your products and services through more touchpoints. But in doing so, what is often overlooked is the importance of putting guardrails on your sales content to accommodate for this rapid growth. Without them, your B2B sales presentations can quickly become diluted.

For many growing B2B brands, investing in sales enablement platforms, like Showpad or Highspot comes after their hiring spurt. Until then they rely on tools such as Dropbox to share and distribute assets. And herein lies the problem—their team begins downloading and editing sales materials to suit their needs. Do that enough and you're left with an inconsistent sales story that's difficult to repair.

Here are the five common pitfalls of using Dropbox that can be costly to your business:

  1. Disorganized sales content: When your sales content is not consolidated and distributed in an organized manner, your B2B sales team can waste valuable time searching for the latest and greatest assets instead of spending that time selling. This can result in missed opportunities and lost revenue. A system for organizing and consolidating sales materials can help your sales team quickly and easily access the content they need, when they need it.

  2. Lack of version control: When sales reps have the ability to download and edit your B2B sales presentations, it can be difficult to maintain version control. This can be especially problematic in regulated industries where there are strict rules about how information can be presented. By putting guardrails on your content, you can ensure that your sales story is being presented as intended, and avoid confusion and miscommunication.

  3. Inability to track engagement: Without a system for tracking engagement with sales materials, it can be difficult to understand which materials are most effective and which may need to be revised. Tools that offer analytics and reporting capabilities can help sales teams understand how their materials are being received and make data-driven decisions about how to improve them. By tracking engagement, you can ensure that your sales materials are having the desired impact and adjust them as needed to increase effectiveness.

  4. Ease of sharing: While Dropbox is a great tool for storing and sharing files, it is not ideal for distributing B2B sales presentations. Sales reps may be forced to download and email heavy PowerPoint or PDF presentations to prospective clients, instead of sending them beautifully branded mobile-responsive presentations. This can be a hindrance to clients who may prefer to view presentations on their phones, and can also make it difficult to track engagement.

  5. Lack of integration: Today's B2B sales reps often need more than just a presentation to sell products and services. They may need highly engaging interactive visuals, such as 3D animations, VR, AR experiences, or even interactive ROI calculators to demonstrate how products and services work and can benefit clients. These types of interactive tools are often difficult or impossible to integrate with platforms like Dropbox, limiting the effectiveness of sales presentations.

From Presentation to Profit: How Controlling B2B Sales Presentations Can Drive Business Growth

If you can control your sales presentations, you can control the growth of your B2B sales team - it's that simple. As a sales and marketing leader, the last thing you want is to worry about how your team is presenting your products and services.

The solution may seem simple: invest in a sales enablement platform to house and distribute all of your sales presentations. However, the secret sauce lies in how you set up, manage, and maintain the sales platform for your teams. It's not a "set it and forget it" solution

Build it: Long gone are the days of creating a generic "company deck" and providing it to your sales team to present as they see fit. To effectively engage with prospective clients throughout your potentially lengthy sales cycle, you must align your presentation system with your sales process. This means providing your team with the presentation content they need at each stage of the cycle, tailored to the needs of each client.

Track it: Without analytics, you're walking in the dark without a flashlight. It's crucial to know how your sales presentations are performing so you can analyze what's working and what's not. A good presentation platform will provide you with deep data on how your presentations are being consumed, including what sections are being viewed, how long viewers are spending on each page, and how many downloads your presentations are receiving.

In addition to data analysis, it's important to meet with sales leaders every quarter to get a better understanding of how the presentations you've created are working in their sales flows, and to identify areas where improvements are needed.

Optimize it: Armed with the right information, you can make informed decisions on how to optimize your sales presentations. For example, if you notice that engagement is dropping off after a certain point in your presentation, you may need to condense or rework that section. Alternatively, if you see strong engagement with product animations, you may want to incorporate more of them into your presentations.

By building, tracking, and optimizing your B2B sales presentations, you can keep your sales team aligned with your sales process, gain valuable insights into how your presentations are performing, continually improve your engagement with prospective clients and help drive growth. 

Transforming B2B Sales Presentations: Meet Nuvue, the Ideal Solution for Scaling Brands

For a growing B2B sales team, a well-organized sales presentation and distribution platform can be a game-changer. It provides all the necessary sales resources in a single source location, puts guardrails in place, and offers full tracking insights into its performance. Additionally, it saves your team countless hours of searching for the right materials

An organized sales and marketing library will also help you to shorten sales cycles by providing clear, concise information that requires less follow-up. Imagine having all your sales materials readily accessible, on-brand, and at your fingertips - it's like having a superpower.

So, how can you acquire this power? Schedule a 30-minute Hello Call with Nuvue, the B2B sales presentation experts. Nuvue can show you how to create a compelling sales story that accurately represents your brand, deliver it consistently, and empower your team to sell smarter and faster than ever before.