A Guide to Developing an Eye Popping Hype Video for Your Medical Device Product

January 9, 2024

Launching a new product is an exciting venture, but the real test lies in effectively conveying your innovation to the world. Whether you term it a product launch video, a hype video, a sizzle reel, or an explainer video, the essence remains the same: you need an engaging piece of medical device content that captivates your audience and communicates the transformative value your product offers to their business.

The temptation often lingers to take the easy route – a quick Google search for "medical animated videos" might lead you to a plethora of budget-friendly content creators. However, for seasoned marketing professionals, this shortcut often results in content that lacks the impact needed for a lasting impression.

Crafting impactful medical product content is a delicate interplay of strategy and art, requiring seamless collaboration to produce a sales and marketing masterpiece that not only informs but significantly elevates your brand.

In this article, we'll explore the intricacies of crafting thoughtful and purposeful content designed exclusively for our medical device clients.

The Power of Dialogue in Creating Impactful Medical Device Content

The significance of effective communication between a sales and marketing leader and their chosen vendor cannot be overstated when it comes to creating meaningful medical device content. As a leader in marketing, it's crucial to recognize that your vendor doesn't share the same intimate connection with your product as you do. They haven't been there since its conception, nor have they witnessed its developmental phases or the intricate conversations that have shaped your product and its launch.

Acknowledging these differences is key, especially since your vendor, while not a doctor specializing in your field, is working diligently to comprehend the intricacies of how your product functions and the benefits it holds for potential clients.

This underscores the vital role of maintaining an open line of communication with your vendor. The more information you share with them and the more actively you involve them in essential discussions alongside your team, the better the end product will be. Collaboration and transparent communication become the pillars upon which the creation of superior medical device content rests.

Crafting a Killer Product Video Through 3 Essential Pillars

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in content creation, we've traversed the rocky landscape of our craft, accumulating wisdom from a multitude of mistakes along the way. Each misstep has played a crucial role in honing our skills and shaping a more sophisticated, formulaic approach to crafting exceptional medical device content.

In the upcoming sections, we won't delve into every detail of our content creation journey, but we're eager to highlight the three key pillars essential for outstanding medical videos: narrative, visuals, and audio—a script-to-screen approach. These pillars are the cornerstones of our methodology, shaping videos from ordinary to exceptional.

Pillar 1: Shaping Powerful Medical Product Narratives Through Animation

At the forefront is the overarching narrative and structure of your video. While this may seem like a given, we've encountered many clients who tend to overlook this crucial element.

It all begins with what we emphasized earlier – collaboration with our clients and fostering an open line of communication. The narrative of the video doesn't originate from us; it comes from our clients. Our role is to simply shape and refine it into a compelling story.

When initiating a new project, our first request is for clients to take the lead in the initial stages. We ask them to provide a script for their video. Now, you might wonder why clients hire us if they're expected to handle this part. However, by having them provide a script, we expedite the process and gain insight into their ultimate vision. Their script, in their words, becomes a powerful tool for us to step into their shoes, and ultimately can save them big. 

Once armed with the client's narrative, our next step is to create a text animation – a video devoid of visuals, featuring ONLY copy. We pair this with music tracks to establish the tone and overall feel of the video, presenting it to our clients. Often, we go through multiple rounds of this process until everyone is aligned on the text narrative and the emotional resonance from the music aligns with our collective vision. This marks the essential first step in our video creation process.

Pillar 2: Adding Depth to Your Medical Animation’s Narrative

With a solid narrative in place, the next crucial step is to infuse depth and dimension into your video. Similar to our process for constructing the narrative, we employ a parallel approach in building the visual identity.

Initiating a dialogue with your client about the visual aesthetic for their new product is essential. In many instances, there's an established brand identity, simplifying the process. However, for startups, or cases where a visual identity is still evolving, you play a pivotal role in shaping the visual language of the video. Regardless of the company size, it's imperative to engage in an open dialogue with your client. Discuss how they envision the product's visual perception among potential clients and within the competitive landscape.

Our typical approach involves taking a small section of the video, which is still in a text format at this point, and developing visual looks for that specific segment. We present this visual snippet in the context of the entire narrative to the key stakeholders. This method expedites the production time of your video.

While this process offers efficiency, it can pose a challenge for certain clients who may prefer to see the entire video in a specific style to form an opinion. We understand and appreciate this perspective, but we firmly believe that working in incremental steps not only enhances the end product but also streamlines the production process.

Developing visuals for just one small section of your video also has the advantage of helping you identify key elements needed for the rest of the video. For instance, if a specific 3D texture is well-received for a background element, you'll know you need to create variations of that texture for use throughout the video. Likewise, if a particular rendering style, like a 3D render of your product, garners positive feedback, you can strategically apply that style across additional shots in your video.

Once consensus is achieved on the overall aesthetic, applying it across the entire video becomes seamless for your production partner, making subsequent changes more efficient and straightforward. This meticulous, step-by-step approach not only ensures a visually stunning end product but also facilitates a smoother and more collaborative production process.

Pillar 3: Finishing Strong with a Robust Audio Mix for Medical Animation

Ask any content creator, and they'll affirm: a good video is 20% visual and 80% audio. Skeptical? Try watching a visually stunning YouTube video with the sound off—notice the impact diminish. A robust audio mix is the secret sauce your medical device video needs to truly stand out. Unfortunately, this critical stage often gets overlooked by clients, and its cost is frequently underestimated. Yet, I assure you, it's the key component that elevates your medical animation.

When incorporating an audio mix, steer clear of cliché sound effects that can instantly alter the entire vibe of your video. Additionally, exercise restraint in the quantity of sound effects used—they can enhance interest but, when overused, become distracting. If you're partnered with a production team boasting an experienced audio engineer, this should be seamlessly handled.

Invest the time and resources in an audio mix for your medical animation—it's the game-changer that propels your content to the next level.

Precision in Partnership for Crafting Standout Medical Product Videos

In business, the partners you choose serve as a direct reflection of the outcomes you achieve. This holds true when selecting a production partner for your next medical product video.

It's crucial to choose a production partner with expertise in creating medical-focused content rather than opting for a generic, one-size-fits-all studio. While a generic studio may accomplish the task, creating medical content demands a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by sales and marketing leaders—a hyper-focused expertise to get the job done right. Therefore, when hiring a product visualization company, ensure to inquire about their specific experience and capabilities.

At Nuvue, we are immersed in the world of medical device animations and content creation. We intimately comprehend the challenges confronted by sales and marketing leaders in your field. Our expertise goes beyond mere accomplishment; we know how to craft content that propels your product to market, sets you apart from the competition, and showcases your sales reps as superstars.

If you're eager to discover more about how we assist medical device brands like yours in creating world-class medical product videos, we invite you to schedule your hello call today.