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Two services, united by a common goal.

Nuvue is a blend of creativity and technology. Some client use our services independently, others, combine both. Regardless of how you leverage us, our goal is to make your sales reps and practice development team look good.

Here's how we work:

Creative Services

Our creative team, featuring top creative directors and visual artists, excels in adding depth and dimension to product stories. We specialize in the medical device space and quickly become subject matter experts in each project we tackle.

Popular requests include:

  • Presentation Rebrands
  • Explainers Videos
  • Product Rendering
  • Interactive Experiences
billed on a project basis

It's tough to put an exact price on creative requests. So, once we grasp your objectives, we'll provide a transparent price range and ensure we stay within your budgetary guidelines.

Management Platform

Our platform simplifies the management and distribution of your key sales and practice development assets to both prospective and existing clients. We guarantee it's the most user-friendly enablement tool you've ever encountered.

Key features include:

  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Tag-based Library
  • Page Builder
  • 360 Tracking
for up to 25 users (tier 1)

Nuvue handles all platform configuration, making the onboarding process turnkey. Typical onboarding costs range from $2,500 to $5,000, depending on creative service requirements.

You got questions,
we got answers.

Is it mandatory to utilize both your creative services and platform when working with Nuvue?

Absolutely not. You can use them independently or in combination. Many of our clients exclusively utilize our creative team.

What is the expected timeframe for our onboarding process with Nuvue?

The setup time varies based on your creative service requirements. If none are needed, and we have all your presentations and sales content, your account can be configured in a few days. However, if creative services like presentation rebranding, 3D animations, or product rendering are required, it might take a few weeks.

After my account is established, can we utilize Nuvue for continuous updates?

Only if you opt for it. After your account configuration, we'll train one of your team's administrators to manage changes and add new content. If you're a smaller startup without in-house resources, we can provide our services at an hourly rate.

Is training available for our sales representatives?

Absolutely, after account setup, we arrange training sessions for your sales reps based on your organization's size. We also provide additional training sessions at no extra cost to support your team as it scales.

Why is fixed pricing not available for creative services?

Creating medical device content is complex, and we've gained extensive experience in this field over the years. We've found that charging hourly, rather than offering fixed prices, benefits our clients. Upon reviewing your project brief, we'll provide you with a price range that includes both low and high estimates for your specific task.

Do you provide creative services tailored for startups?

Yes, we can fill the creative void for startups without an internal team. Our team can manage daily tasks and substantial brand initiatives. Typically, clients open a creative services hours bucket that we use for various tasks.

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions. Or, contact us for immediate assistance.

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