How 3D Product Renderings Win With Sales, Marketing & Buyers

December 19, 2022

Are 3D product renderings a smart investment? They certainly can be! Adding thoughtfully designed, engaging renderings to sales presentations can help you tell a more effective and persuasive sales story. Beyond stronger narratives, 3D product renderings empower sales teams by making them better equipped to accurately and consistently demo complex technical products. Last but certainly not least, 3D product renderings serve as powerful visual aids that provide immense value to the people whose opinion matters most — your prospects.

Below, we’ll explain how and why investing in expertly-designed visual representations of physical products can align sales, marketing, and prospects on your brand's competitive advantage.

How Marketing Executives Win With 3D Product Renderings

Whether you’re a Chief Marketing Officer or Sales Enablement Leader – the value of providing your prospects with a cohesive, engaging, visually stunning, interactive product demo cannot be understated. 

Here’s how 3D product renderings make marketing executives' jobs easier:

  • Leaders have brand story control:
    Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-executed 3D product rendering can tell a detailed story—about the functionality, features, and benefits of your products. When that story has been carefully crafted by marketing, individual sales reps will have no need to go off script, and consistency and accuracy prevail.
  • Modern sales presentation tools help your reps perform better:
    Most businesses are still using flat, bullet-point laden PowerPoint decks – and let’s be real… they all sorta look the same. When your reps show up to a sales presentation with beautiful, engaging 3D product visualizations, your brand and product stand out in a crowd. With that differentiator on your side, prospects will be impressed by the way your reps confidently present your company, which builds trust. Building trust also makes prospects more likely to engage with you again when they’re ready to buy. Last but not least, empowering your people with modern tools is good for morale, and happy employees generate more happy employees.
  • Optimize sales reps' time:
    Comprehensive 3D product renderings allow sales reps to relay more information in less time. That means sales demos are more productive, leaving more time for direct questions and answers. More clarity also equals less confusion and less follow-up, which ultimately leads to faster decision-making. As a result, reps can talk to more prospects at a time, creating opportunities for additional deals. 

Sales and marketing leaders want to invest in solutions that have a significant positive impact on ROI. Expertly designed 3D product renderings have the potential to do so by clearly communicating product benefits, enhancing your branding, serving as a versatile sales asset, and ultimately optimizing your sales team's time and productivity.  

How Sales Teams Benefit From 3D Product Renderings

3D product renderings empower sales teams to work smarter and faster. Being armed with visualizations that go beyond one or two-dimensional product models solves a lot of problems for sales reps and helps them work more efficiently and effectively.

Here are a few key benefits 3D product renderings offer sales teams: 

  • Eliminate logistical hurdles:
    Selling a large piece of equipment, like a cumbersome medical device, creates many logistical challenges that complicate meetings. Transporting the product from point A to point B requires extra planning and effort, as does making sure it’ll fit into the building you’re visiting. Using detailed 3D product renderings can eliminate the need for a live demo and gives reps the freedom to meet anytime, anywhere.

  • Communicate complex ideas:
    It’s not easy to use words or static visuals to convey a complex process. Photos give an idea but lack versatility because prospects can’t ‘zoom in’ on details. 3D product renderings solve this issue. Large equipment, no problem! Things the naked eye can’t see? No problem! Complicated processes that need to be visualized to be understood? No problem! Where words fail, visuals prevail. With movement and engaging, interactive elements, 3D product renderings are a powerful storytelling tool that can relay everything from the big picture to the most nuanced detail in just seconds.

  • Versatile assets add huge value for sales reps:
    Good 3D product visualizations tell a comprehensive story without a sales rep needing to be present. As a result, these assets can be used in anticipation of a first meeting, can be sent at the the conclusion of a live call, or can be shared to answer specific questions. With the right sales presentation software, sales reps can even see when and how leads are engaging with each 3D product visualization asset. 

Why Buyers Love 3D Product Renderings

Sales benefits are great, but your buyers’ opinion of your sales presentation is the one that matters most of all. Without prospects converting to customers, your business ceases to exist! 

Buyers respond to effective 3D product renderings because they:

  • Make a fantastic first impression:
    Most sales presentations leave a lot to be desired. Typically, prospects join a virtual meeting or travel to an in-person demo with a rep who clicks through a couple dozen slides. Or, they get a presentation shared through email, with a one-size-fits-all sales deck attached in the form of a large file that must be downloaded. In most cases, these demos are not interactive, mobile optimized, or easy to share. Modern sales teams that are ahead of the curve are investing in visually stunning 3D product renderings that speak for themselves, showcasing the most powerful product features in a digestible, engaging way.

  • Improve comprehension:
    With 3D renders, sales can easily show elaborate comparisons, showcase internal machine workings, and illustrate what, why, and how all in one fell swoop. Visuals also result in better recall. With all that in mind, your new mantra should be, ‘show, don’t tell.’ When you show how something works, you remove ambiguity and get to that ah-ha moment faster. As an added bonus, renderings promote optimal engagement. Engagement creates excitement, which moves deals forward.

  • Set your brand apart from competitors:
    When buyers are exploring a solution to a problem, they’re likely to talk to multiple companies. If you show up with a jaw-dropping, fully branded, attractive, visual product demo that knocks their socks off, you get a leading edge over any competitors still doing things the way they’ve always been done. Competitors using old-school presentation tools and visuals will have a hard time differentiating from your compelling 3D product rendering that clearly demonstrates a solution to their needs.

It’s undeniable that well-executed 3D product renderings provide a host of benefits to marketing leaders, sales teams, and prospects. So what are you waiting for?

Reap the Many Benefits of 3D Product Renderings 

Nuvue is dedicated to helping you develop a cohesive sales story complete with 3D product visualizations that will engage your prospects, empowering your sales reps to work smarter and faster – not harder. Our team of expert designers will assess your existing sales presentation and pinpoint ways to use product visualizations to make your narrative stronger and more compelling. But we’re more than a production company. Nuvue also provides a smart sales platform that empowers your sales team to create, share, and track presentations with unprecedented efficiency. Ready to explore how better presentations can mean better outcomes for your sales team? Schedule an introduction with Nuvue today.