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With Nuvue, B2B sales teams aren't just creating better presentations, they're transforming the way they sell. Modern tools are empowering B2B sales teams with:

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Instant sharing to any device
Tracking & analytics
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A global, location-based marketing and ad technology company, GroundTruth was experiencing rapid growth and needed to control its sales story. With Nuvue, they're armed with clear and compelling content to better educate prospects—and a platform to deliver it consistently at scale.

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“We're armed with a sales story that sells itself and a platform to deliver it with consistency.”

Dan Silver
Former Senior VP of Marketing @ GroundTruth


Cartessa Aesthetics

The fastest-growing independent agent of laser aesthetics devices in the United States, Cartessa relies on Nuvue to control its sales story, differentiate with enhanced visuals, and to supercharge sales productivity by minimizing time-consuming, in-office product demos.

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“Our sales content has reached a level of quality and consistency that truly sets us apart.”

Jill Later
CMO @ Cartessa Aesthetics


Genomic Life

At the crossroads of accessible healthcare and cutting-edge genomics technology, Genomic Life needed a presentation solution that would not only provide brand consistency, but ensure adherence to strict compliance standards. With Nuvue, their remote sales team is able to create high-volume, company-approved presentations faster than ever.

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“Our sales content is beautiful and I'm confident it's being presented with accuracy.”

Kimberly Scott
Former SVP Marketing @ Genomic Life



Committed to advancing the art of aesthetic and regenerative injectables, Cellmyx leverages Nuvue's creative team to help better visualize their product offering and our platform as a central repository for sales content distribution across their nationwide sales team.



“With custom presentations at their fingertips my team can sell more, faster.”

Terence Kazlow
Former VP Sales & Marketing @ Cellmyx

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